WP5: Assessment and Forecast System of Fish Stocks

Multistanza ECOSIM model of the Curonian lagoon was set up and verified. Considering collected data, ECOPATH model of the Lithuanian coastal zone consisting of 48 compartments was build. For the further integration and possibility to link NPZD model to the ECOSIM directly a module ECOSIM in FORTRAN 90 was programmed following the conventions imposed of the present development framework the NPZD model.  Unified integration and mass balance conservation procedures were implied. Technical reports on the experimental and modelling part was prepared and results presented during the annual national conference on marine sciences.

Workpackage indicators:
1. Documented model for forecasting marine resources based on data for water quality, fish biomass, diet, physiology and prey biomas;
2. Model based forecast of fish stocks and scenario assessment.

More about workpackage:
Technical Report No. 9: "Marine fishery resource model"

Responsible for implementation:
Coastal Research and Planning Institute (coordination, modeling)
Fishery Research Laboratory (shallow water surveys, data management)
Institute of Ecology, Nature Research Centre (data management, model parametrisation)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Arturas Razinkovas (tel.: +370 46 398844, e-mail: art@corpi.ku.lt)