WP3: Water Quality Modelling System

The activity was focused on the development of the water quality modelling system, based on numerical simulation of the hydraulic transport and ecological processes. Additional field surveys have been carried out to obtain water quality parameters which could not be provided by WP2. The model provides and forecasts dynamics of main water quality characteristics in the Curonian lagoon and Baltic Sea coastal waters simulating the exchange of water and constituents. Different scenarios were calculated in order to investigate vertical salinity distribution in the Klaipeda Strait and its changes after reconstruction of harbour gates.

Workpackage indicators:
1. Water quality model developed (sensitivity analysis, calibration and validation)

More about workpackage:
Technical Report No. 3: "Water quality modelling system"

Responsible for implementation:
Coastal Research and Planning Institute (coordination, data management, modeling, calibration, validation)
Istituto di Scienze Marine, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Italy) (modeling)

Contact: Dr. Petras Zemlys  (tel.: +370 46 398857, e-mail: zemlys@corpi.ku.lt)