WP2: Surveillance using Automatic Observation System

The Automatic Observation System will be deployed and used for obtaining data on key physical factors determining the water quality. The system will monitor water quality characteristics at different depths within a given time intervals and will provide high resolution temporal data, which are needed for a water quality modelling. These data along with historical records will be used for development of the Water quality forecast system (WP3).

Workpackage indicators:
1. A set of buoys purchased, installed and tested

More about workpackage:
Technical Report No. 2: Installation and testing of automatic water quality observation system

Coastal Research and Planning Institute (coordination, AOS selection, installation, testing, data management)
Marine Research Centre (AOS selection, data management)

Contact: Dr. Inga Dailidiene  (tel.: +370 46 398853, e-mail: inga.dailidiene@ku.lt)