1. The nutrient and carbon dynamics in the Gulf of Bothnia: status and anthropogenic impacts (canceled)
  2. Phytobenthic communities along the Baltic Sea gradients (canceled)
  3. Dumped munitions in the Baltic Sea
  4. Operational oceanography in the Baltic Sea – combining in-situ observations, remote sensing and numerical modelling
  5. Coastal-offshore exchange processes
  6. Adsorption, leaching, organic matter attachment, biofouling to sea submerged interfaces (canceled)
  7. Geological and biological habitat mapping in the Baltic Sea – linking geo-and biodiversity
  8. Descriptors, categories and indicators–research for MSFD
  9. Climate of Baltic Sea in 21 century, effects from microscales to regional patterns
  10. Organic matter in sea water – origin, distribution, composition, properties and significance
  11. Baltic Sea ice
  12. Integrated science and management of agriculture, fishery, environment and Economy
  13. Interplay of physical, biological and geological and coastal processes
  14. Comparisons between the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean (merged with session #15)
  15.  Baltic lagoons: from science to management
  16. Structural and functional responses of Baltic communities to anthropogenic interventions
  17.  Poorly known, unrecognised, or overlooked: elusive Baltic biodiversity components in the water column and bottom sediments
  18. Geology of the Baltic Sea bottom, underwater landscapes and palaeogeographic reconstructions
  19. Remote sensing of the Baltic Sea


  1. Large data analysis in marine science: new possibilities through visual analytics.
  2. The Baltic Sea Basin during the last glacial cycle – an Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) initiative (merged with session #18)
  3. Integrating genomic methods in Baltic Sea monitoring: drawing the roadmap (canceled).
  4. Regional differences in optical properties of the Baltic Sea (NordBaltRemS).

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