: Alexandrium monilatum
: (J.F.Howell) Balech, 1995
: 231875
Species Taxonomy
: Ostreopsidaceae
: Gonyaulacales
: Dinophyceae
: Myzozoa
Species Data from AquaNIS
: Not entered
: Not entered
Phytoplankton (Adult)
Results of species assessment according to Target Species selection criteria
Known human health impact? No
Comments: Not available.
Known economic impact? Yes
Comments: Toxic to fish and shelfish. Associated to fish kills (Gates and Wilson, 1960; Hsia et al. 2006; May et al. 2010)
References: Gates J. and Wilson W. B., 1960. The toxicity of Gonyaulax monilata Howell to Mugil cephalus. Limnol. Oceanogr. 5, 171-174. Hsia, M. H., Morton, S. L., Smith, L. L., Beauchesne, K. R., Huncik, K. M., Moeller, P. D. R., 2006. Production of goniodomin A by the planktonic, chain-forming dinoflagellate Alexandrium monilatum (Howell) Balech isolated from the Gulf Coast of the United States. Harmful Algae. 5, 290-299. May, S. P., Burkholder, J. M., Shumway, S. E., H├ęgaret, H., Wikfors, G. H., & Frank, D., 2010. Effects of the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium monilatum on survival, grazing and behavioral response of three ecologically important bivalve molluscs. Harmful Algae. 9(3), 281-293.
Known measurable environmental impact? No
Comments: Not available.
Included in the final TS list? - Yes
Comments: Assessed by the COMPLETE project experts (2021), included in target species list.