: Amphibalanus eburneus
: (Gould, 1841)
: 421138
Species Taxonomy
: Balanidae
: Sessilia
: Hexanauplia
: Arthropoda
Species Data from AquaNIS
: Available
: Ballast waters, Biofouling
Zooplankton (Larvae)
Results of species assessment according to Target Species selection criteria
Known human health impact? No
Comments: Not available.
Known economic impact? Yes
Comments: Possible impacts of A. eburneus on the local native mussel economy (Osca and Crocetta, 2020).
References: Osca, D., and Crocetta, F., 2020. The ivory barnacle Amphibalanus eburneus (Gould, 1841)(Arthropoda: Hexanauplia: Sessilia) in Albania (Adriatic Sea). BioInvasions Rec. 9(2), 189-194.
Known measurable environmental impact? Yes
Comments: Impacts by competing for space and food wit native species (Osca, Crocetta, 2020); adverse effects on native ecosystems and biota (Carlton et al. 2011; Jaberimanesh et al. 2019; Tempesti et al. 2020; Spagnolo et al. 2019).
References: Carlton, J. T., Newman, W. A., & Pitombo, F. B., 2011. Barnacle invasions: introduced, cryptogenic, and range expanding Cirripedia of North and South America. In: Galil BS, Clark PF, Carlton JT (eds), In the Wrong Place-Alien Marine Crustaceans: Distribution, Biology and Impacts. Springer. Pages 159–213. Jaberimanesh, Z., Oladi, M., Nasrolahi, A., & Ahmadzadeh, F., 2019. Presence of Amphibalanus eburneus (Crustacea, Cirripedia) in Gomishan Wetland: molecular and morphological evidence of a new introduction to the southern Caspian Sea. Reg. Stud. Mar. Sci. 25, 100469. Tempesti, J., Langeneck, J., Maltagliati, F., & Castelli, A., 2020. Macrobenthic fouling assemblages and NIS success in a Mediterranean port: The role of use destination. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 150, 110768.
Included in the final TS list? - Yes
Comments: Assessed by the COMPLETE project experts (2021), included in target species list.