: Boccardiella ligerica
: (Ferronnière, 1898)
: 131114
Species Taxonomy
: Spionidae
: Spionida
: Polychaeta
: Annelida
Species Data from AquaNIS
: Not entered
: Ballast waters, Biofouling
Zooplankton (Larvae)
Results of species assessment according to Target Species selection criteria
Known human health impact? No
Comments: Not available.
Known economic impact? No
Comments: Not available.
Known measurable environmental impact? Yes
Comments: Could reach locally high densities in natural ecosystems and become dominant in the infaunal community because of its strong reproduction potential (Jaubet et.al., 2020).
References: Jaubet, M. L., Martinez, L. E., Saracho Bottero, M. A., & Bazterrica, M. C., 2020. Boccardiella ligerica, an exotic polychaete in a Southwestern Atlantic coastal lagoon: Morphology and abundance variations. Ecol. Res. 36(1), 57–69.
Included in the final TS list? - Yes
Comments: Assessed by the COMPLETE project experts (2021), included in target species list.