: Undaria pinnatifida
: (Harvey) Suringar, 1873
: 145721
Species Taxonomy
: Alariaceae
: Laminariales
: Phaeophyceae
: Ochrophyta
Species Data from AquaNIS
: Available
: Biofouling
Phytoplankton (Eggs)
Results of species assessment according to Target Species selection criteria
Known human health impact? No
Comments: Not available.
Known economic impact? No
Comments: Not available.
Known measurable environmental impact? Yes
Comments: Changes to native community composition at all trophic levels (James, 2016).
References: AquaNIS. Editorial Board, 2015. Information system on Aquatic Non-Indigenous and Cryptogenic Species. World Wide Web electronic publication. www.corpi.ku.lt/databases/aquanis. Version 2.36+. Accessed 2021-07-23. James, K. 2016. A review of the impacts from invasion by the introduced kelp Undaria pinnatifida. Report: TR 2016/40: Waikato Regional Council. https://www.waikatoregion.govt.nz/services/publications/technical-reports/2016/tr201640
Included in the final TS list? - Yes
Comments: Assessed by the COMPLETE project experts (2021), included in target species list.