: Rapana venosa
: (Valenciennes, 1846)
: 140416
Species Taxonomy
: Muricidae
: Neogastropoda
: Gastropoda
: Mollusca
Species Data from AquaNIS
: Not available
: Not entered
Zooplankton (Larvae)
Results of species assessment according to Target Species selection criteria
Known human health impact? No
Comments: Not available.
Known economic impact? Yes
Comments: Depletion and competition with comercial species (Zolotarev 1996; Lecari et al. 2011; Snigirov et al. 2013).
References: Zolotarev, V., 1996. The Black Sea ecosystem changes related to the introduction of new mollusc species. Marine ecology, 17(1-3), pp.227-236. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1439-0485.1996.tb00504.x Lercari, D. and Bergamino, L., 2011. Impacts of two invasive mollusks, Rapana venosa (Gastropoda) and Corbicula fluminea (Bivalvia), on the food web structure of the Río de la Plata estuary and nearshore oceanic ecosystem. Biological Invasions, 13(9), pp.2053-2061.https://doi.org/10.1007/s10530-011-0023-x Snigirov, S.M., Medinets, V.I., Chichkin, V.М. and Sylantyev, S., 2013. Rapa whelk controls demersal community structure off Zmiinyi Island, Black Sea. http://dx.doi.org/10.3391/ai.2013.8.3.05
Known measurable environmental impact? No
Comments: Not available.
Included in the final TS list? - Yes
Comments: Assessed by the COMPLETE project experts (2021), included in target species list.